the best and worst of a day in retail

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The best laid plans

Well, Shopgirlove tried to post. Chez Shop has rather intermitent connectivity at the moment and it has affected my ability to share with you, my darling loves.

There is a large pot of chili on the stove and King Dutch has a new bone--one of those green and white jobs that actually lasts longer than 15 minutes.

Did Shopgirlove tell you about the mysterious case of the red shoes? Well, King Dutch doesn't like his antibiotics. They make him a little sick and he resents them and his Mommy no end when he has to take them. So, for a solid week, I came home to a different chewed-up red shoe in the living room each and every day. Not the second of a pair but one of a different one each time. Now, perhaps Shopgirlove is not au currant with dog psychology, but I heard they were color blind? How then, did King Dutch manage to find and destroy one of every pair of red shoes? He never varied. No black shoes, no brown. Only red. And, by the way, how did Shopgirlove end up with so many red shoes? I do love red, but I had no idea I owned so many red shoes. Who am I? Imelda Marcos?

I will be somewhat reclusive this summer. My professional situation is tenuous at best and my personal life is barely hanging on. Will you check in on me later? I cannnot express how much your loyalty has meant to me...Shopgirlove is going through quite a transition at the moment and she knows that the blogger-karma is not tilting in her favor, but she thinks she's worth waiting for. She/I is/am grateful for the warm and fuzzies you send this way.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do you still love me?

No, Shopgirlove has not been very good at the whole communication thing. She has been trying her best to not get kicked to the curb in her new job. Which is harder than it should be. More about that when she has finished her probation period. It will be a good story, eventually.

Also, shopgirlove has to move. Again. It's a long, sordid tale which will be told eventually. Let's just say that some people will go to extraordinary lengths to secure the lease for an apartment in Cambridge. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

King Dutch went to the hospital last week with a UTI. See, this is why I don't have children. I would never get any sleep! Never! He's fine, but he doesn't really like his meds. As though I like giving them to him...yeah, not so much.

Guess what, though? Life is a grand thing if you take it with a grain of salt and Shopgirlove has plenty of salt. To go with her tequila.

The goal here is to return to the daily postings and witty recaps to which we were accustomed. Lord knows, Shopgirlove has a lot recap.

So, let's meet back here tomorrow night and see what happens.

Love you all!