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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super duper!

The lady was a spy...she also was a chef.
First she served her country.
Then she fed her country.
Then there was a blog.
Then a book.
Now there's a movie!
Shopgirlove thinks this is a must see.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Bill of Rights is a hot, slutty stewardess!

Okay, maybe not so hot and not a stewardess, but what a slut! Especially that saucy little Amendment I! Such a cougar...pretty much anyone with a pen, mouth, or keyboard can take a ride on that one. Shopgirlove likes to hold out for dinner, but she has standards. Free speech, apparently, does not. Lately, the First Amendment has been keeping some rather distasteful company. Von Brunn's own son didn't even like him. And what to make of the loathsome Scott Roeder and his friends? A1 must feel very dirty the morning after partying with this lot. So, what's to be done? Some governments have come up with a kind of chastity-belt around the waist of self expression. Deny the holocaust? Bad idea in the country where it actually happened. Naughty comics can get you into very hot water in Japan. But you may cartoon away in this country. See here, here, here, and here. So why not throw the tart out with the bathwater? Because Shopgirlove has never learned anything that she didn't learn from someone else. And if someone else couldn't speak, how would she learn? Free speech isn't pretty. Often, it's pretty stupid. But sometimes, it sparks a dialog that changes everyone for the better.

Sunday, June 7, 2009




- - - -

1. no1 b4 me. srsly. 

2. dnt wrshp pix/idols

3. no omg's

4. no wrk on w/end (sat 4 now; sun l8r) 

5. pos ok - ur m&d r cool

6. dnt kill ppl 

7. :-X only w/ m8

8. dnt steal

9. dnt lie re: bf

10. dnt ogle ur bf's m8. or ox. or dnkey. myob. 

M, pls rite on tabs & giv 2 ppl. 

ttyl, JHWH. 

ps. wwjd?

Original here.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dr. Tiller's funeral

Shopgirlove was so moved to learn that American Legion Riders are in attendance to honor his service in the Navy. These wonderful veterans are the same group who show up to support the families of soldiers killed in action when the Westboro Baptist Church lunatics spew their hateful nonsense. (WBC is also present at Dr. Tiller's funeral.) 

According to their website, the ALR needs support to keep its online presence up and running. A donation in the memory of the former Navy flight 
surgeon would be a fine way to commemorate the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Update: The Riders this morning:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey, Shorty! It's you birthday!

Yes, lovelies. Tetris turns 25 in mere minutes!!! Shopgirlove was a little surprised at just how growed up this favorite game is...


Shopgirloves is a true believer in protecting oneself from the elements. That naughty sun can take quite a toll on a delicate dermis. There are corrective measures, but these should be used judiciously! She was very glad, therefore, to see that security forces in Tiananmen Square were so vigilant on the anniversary of the 1989 protest. Now, if only they could learn to sheild themselves and not the cameras....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Grasshopper is dead

Update: Perhaps it was not by his own hand...

David Carridine is dead by his own hand. Shopgirlove is on a Kung fu odyssey on youtube:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Shopgirlove is really tired of landlords who think that they should get more. As she doesn't have much of the filthy lucre, she ends up in apartments with few, if any, amenities, in bad neighborhoods, and with laughable maintenance. Things leak, fall apart, there are no services nearby; yet the landlord hears about the guy next door who just rented a unit for twice as much and the $ replaces every ounce of humanity. Never mind that the other unit was professionally rehabbed, includes all utilities, or that there is a laundry and dishwasher. Shopgirlove is seriously considering the hobo life. At least that way you get to spend your money on yourself.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Look at these my child-bearing hips

Shopgirlove needed a laugh

NEVER, ever, ever, ever ignore a dog.

In memoriam

Here is a list of vigils around the country to remember Dr. George Tiller and honor the service he and his amazing staff provided to families.