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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Bill of Rights is a hot, slutty stewardess!

Okay, maybe not so hot and not a stewardess, but what a slut! Especially that saucy little Amendment I! Such a cougar...pretty much anyone with a pen, mouth, or keyboard can take a ride on that one. Shopgirlove likes to hold out for dinner, but she has standards. Free speech, apparently, does not. Lately, the First Amendment has been keeping some rather distasteful company. Von Brunn's own son didn't even like him. And what to make of the loathsome Scott Roeder and his friends? A1 must feel very dirty the morning after partying with this lot. So, what's to be done? Some governments have come up with a kind of chastity-belt around the waist of self expression. Deny the holocaust? Bad idea in the country where it actually happened. Naughty comics can get you into very hot water in Japan. But you may cartoon away in this country. See here, here, here, and here. So why not throw the tart out with the bathwater? Because Shopgirlove has never learned anything that she didn't learn from someone else. And if someone else couldn't speak, how would she learn? Free speech isn't pretty. Often, it's pretty stupid. But sometimes, it sparks a dialog that changes everyone for the better.

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